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Having a MaaD Moment and having success when a Mod opportunity arrives.

What does that mean?


If you have attended any of my recent talks then you know what a MaaD Moment is.

If you have not seen me recently then, let me share with you.


We all have situations, places, people and moments in time where we face an opportunity to make some choices that will impact our life. There are many articles and speakers that talk about these decisions.

I call these Maad Moments-Meeting at a Decisive Moment.

In that moment we have opportunity to make some choices. Sometimes we choose well and it turns out great. Sometimes we realize (later) that it was a bad choice. Don’t despair. Everyone makes some wrong choices. The true survivors and successes use this as a learning opportunity to improve at the next MaaD Moment. Our adventure in life is created by many small moments and decisions.


I also like to look at creating Mod Opportunities. These are moments of Divine opportunity. They are the special bigger life changing opportunities. We are ready for them after making many small choices and purposefully living in a way that prepares us to make the most of this opportunity. You have to be ready to jump when this happens. It is usually too late at this point to start getting yourself in shape or prepared to run with the best choice.


Life is an adventure. Be healthy. Live well.

Wellness articles and links to other sites for wellness and counseling will be listed on this page. Come back for new updates each week. EK is a certified counselor for drug/alcohol addictions and is a trained qualified mental health professional, dual-disorder, and cognitive therapy counselor. He is a Pro-Covery facilitator and is a Love and Logic Parenting instructor.

The presentation "Running Scared" involves the song written by Joyce Hines and EK Bruhn about running away from committing to a relationship. EK has expanded this concept into having professionals look at their own fears and barriers that interfere with them being more effective in dealing with clients and in dealing with issues in their own lives.

"Taking Time" is a 1970 song written by Bruce Bishline that talks about taking the time to get to know people and form lasting meaningful relationships. EK has expanded this concept to include wellness for youth and building relationships in recognizing the opprotunities in the many moments of meeting special people and in unique events that happen along..

"Love and Logic" is a parenting program that EK facilitates for a 6 week course. He also is available to do 2-6 hour presentations on some of the topics to help parents put fun back into the family and learn how to help kids become thinking problems solvers ready to face the real world. He is an expert in helping to teach skills that allow you to bring back some peace to the family and reduce stress.


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