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EARLY YEARS-Beginnings

EK sang his first solo at 8 years old in Staunton, Illinois for a Boy Souct conference. He was to lead everyone singing all five verses of My Country 'tis of Thee. Everyone was too busy to help him memorize the words and did not realize that he was leading the song.

Do you know how many people know the words to this song after the first verse? None. Except EK just kept on singing---all five verses. Mom was embarrassed because she said she would have helped me learn the song better if she had known. EK was in the choir in fourth grade at Oak Forest Elementary school in Houston Texas. He really liked it and had to get up before school and walk about a mile there to practice. Mom came to one of the concerts. Dad thought it was a waste of time.

The next music experience was at 12 years old when EK took piano lessons from Ms. Knox. He played around at times but really did not practice the lessons. He was just good enough to fake his way through the lessons but Ms. Knox knew he was not really practicing like he could. The last straw was playing popular music. He loved Tony Bennett's song about San Francisco. So he got the music. As he practiced the song he noticed that the music had left out some of the piano notes that were on the record after the first vocal phrase. So he put them in. It was not a pretty scene at that lesson. Ms. Knox asked what he was doing playing notes that were not in the music. EK tried to explain that someone had left out the piano notes on that part and he was just putting them back in.

That was his last piano lesson.

Almost learning the Guitar.  

EK's best friend at the age of 12 was Lee Williams. Lee was really smart and had skipped some grades so he was also a year younger. EK and Lee went to a friend's house and the friend showed them some guitar chords.  They tried to sing "5 o"clock world". Hey it was a first time. So it was not very good. EK always had a dream of forming a group like Peter Paul and Mary or singing like Simon and Garfunckle.

Lee got an old guitar from his brother and started playing on it. EK got one from his brother but when he tried to play the chords his fingers just would not do it. So he did not try. About six months later EK was at Lee's house and Lee brought out the guitar. It was missing a string but Lee started playing some songs. EK was blown away. Lee was the smart one and a little awkward. EK was the physical one. WOW. EK decided that if Lee could learn to play then he could too.

By the time he was 15 EK never went any where without his guitar. Camping trips, camps, visits. He did not play in front of a lot of people at that time but just played for himself. He really wanted to sing and this was a way to accompany himself. Dad did not like him playing. Thought it was a waste of time and wanted more attention to the things that he liked. On one trip back from the lake, the back window of the station wagon was down enough to let the guitar fall out on the way home. Ek was really upset. Mom at least had an appreciation for music and grew up with her family playing instruments every weekend. She somehow found another guitar for him.


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