1. Step Out

From the recording Step Out

Behind the music:
Dr. Susan Ventura, Pastor of the Francis Street First United Methodist Church (St. Joseph, Missouri) had a series of messages about faith and courage. I (EK) play the piano and lead the singing for the first service (contemporary). I try to bring new songs to service that fit with her message. I could not find the right song. While sitting at the piano at 3:00 May 2, 2015, these words and music came to me. The first week I used courage in all the verses and for the next week I used faith instead. The finished song includes courage and faith. This song became the title of my new album finished in March 2016 and is scheduled for release on April 4, 2016.
I thank the congregation of the church for "stepping out" and allowing me to brings to their service. Their encouragement has helped promote me to "step out" and make some life changes.
Everyone needs to face their fear and step out in faith and courage when called to carry His Kingdom to others.


Step Out   EK Bruhn 2015
Verse 1:  Let me have courage, like David standing before the giant.
              Let me have courage, like Samson facing all the lions Oh oh...
Chorus:  Step out, step out and see--the paths You made for us
              Step out, step out and hear--the words to share with the world
              Step out, step out and be--the Light for all to see..step out....step out.
Verse 2:  Let me have faith, like Peter stepping out on the water
               Let me have faith to live in love for all to see, live in love....Chorus
Bridge: Let Your Light shine, shine through us. Let us live Your love for all to see.......
           Have the courage to be--His Word
           Have the courage to be -- His light
           Have the courage to be -- His Kingdom
            Have the faith to be-- His Word
            Have the faith to be  --His Light
            Have the faith to be His Kingdom.......OH OH Step out...come on step out...step out.....