Chronological listing of recordings and songs written: 1967 Can You Live in the Sky-Group composition at (TCU)Texas Chirstian University Christian Youth Conference. EK was one of the writers involved with lyrics, music, and playing guitar when the group presented the song to the rest of the conference. This was his first experience in collaborating with others in writing and composing.  ”

— Chronological listings of recordings and performnaces

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Ek Bruhn SpSonSsoSredS · Just now · checkmarkcaution-solid almost getting busy with shows. Staying busy with weekly shows at Veterans home. Vary them each week from country, old time rock and roll to special artists and throw in some old time big band tunes. Playing guitar and piano alone and sometimes with background tracks. Play with the "Leftovers" and "Empty Jug Band" at nursing homes in Hamilton, chillocothe, and Trenton weekly. Get to do old time southern gospel songs with trio at the senior dinner at Baptist church each month. Fun to be able to do harmonies with some other great singers. Sing and play at the monthly MO-KAN Country Gospel Music Association in Kansas City each month. Fun to play guitar and lead band for that group. New special opportunity coming in November and December. Stay tuned. ” - ekb blog note

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