notes to Russian friends Hey all of my Russian is a song Enter His gates that I would love to have translated or video in Russian...Thank you. Привет, русские друзья ... помогите мне перевести или сделать видео с русского. Мне нравится этот…


April 2017

News from Time Minstrel Productions for April 2017.

Welcome France. You have visited my site more than any other country this month. Normally don't have a lot of hits from there. Thanks. Please come back. Finishing Ed Seabolt's CD album…


June2016 news

Almost done with "Almost Country" Gospel CD with more guitar and more traditional songs than "Step Out".

"Night Tracks" CD coming along. Should be out in June.  

Hoping to get to Branson tomorrow and see Steve Brown performing at the…


Thank you 48 countries that view my site.


hallo aan mijn vrienden uit Nederland en het buitenland.
Zing een vrolijk liedje! Guten Tag analle meine neuen Freunde in Deutschland. Segen für Sie Was führt Siezumeiner Website? Das Lebenistein …

Good bye friend. Lee Earl Williams

My condolences to Debra Contreras Williams and family. Her husband of 43 years and my best friend from junior high died yesterday. He was my inspiration to learn guitar. October 15, 2015.  



Challenge of leading a choir

The "Joyful Noise" Choir at the Francis Street United Methodist Church sang wonderfully this morning. Matt Maher's song, "Because He Lives" was simple but easy to add some dynamics. I love working with this group. We have a lot of…


free easter song downloads

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Which way to nowhere found again

Wow just receiveda note from Nona B. (Miller) Clifton the piano player on the Open Door release of Which way to Nowhere.

What a nice surprise. A great friend and inspiration while EK was in college. All from one blind…


Facts and figures on drug rehab vs. prison

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Click on the above site to learn about Treatment vs. prison facts on drug rehab in America


slide show attempt

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