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Taking Time 1971 album cut

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EK Bruhn
Bruce Bishline


I attended Phillips University 1970-1973 in Enid, Oklahoma. I met a student from Enid named Bruce Bishline. Had a funny mustache and played guitar and sang well. Nice mellow voice. He played a song of his called "Taking Time". I loved it. The message spoke to me and I really liked the chording and melody. I asked if I could record it on my album and he said yes. It would only take 43 years for me to make any money and pay him royalties. But now I use the song when I speak about relationship building. I have written some further words and bridge part that I will record later in 2013. Thanks for the great song and showing me chords. Bruce was also the first person to sing a James Taylor song called "Fire and Rain" that would also become a signature song for me on the album and doing shows. ekb


Taking Time by Bruce Bishline 1970 Recorded by E K Bruhn on Which Way to Nowhere Album 1971 Sound Factory label.

1. You and me..Sitting here alone..

            Without a sound     And we're ..

Chorus: Taking Time to discover each other

                   That is all the time that we have

2. People go...anywhere they can.

            doing what they please but no...t- Chorus

Bridge: Maybe they will know why we are so

              Taking Time maybe they will---Chorus

3. Maybe someday..people will know

        Of others around... and begi---n   Chorus