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Sweet Lord Jesus (tune jerry jeff walker)

The Open Door (EK, Steve, Kris, Kent,
unknown lyricist


The Open Door was formed in 1971 to perform at the Maranatha Coffeehouse on the Phillips University Campus in Enid, Oklahoma. Steve B. , EK's roommate had heard this song and shared it with the group. It became one of the most popular and liked songs for the next several years as the group traveled to five states doing shows in churches and schools. Song was Sung by EK and Kristin on the Which Way to Nowhere Album. (1971-1973)


Vs. 1.  I knew a man Lord Jesus and He died for me

Upon a tree. With shaggy hair, a ragged robe, thorny crown, nails in his feet.

He talked of life, He talked of Love and then He set me free.

Vs.2  I met Him in a cell way down in Nazareth

I was down and out. He looked to me to be the Son of God and He spoke right out.

Talked of life , He talked of Love, Said He's coming back again..

Chorus:  Sweet Lord Jesus, Sweet Lord Jesus, Sweet Lord Jesus set me free.

Vs. 3 Said He wanted me to walk with HIm

Down the road of life, Said he had prepared a place for me Where everything was right.

I opened the door, He took my hand and then he set me free.