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Santa's Sure to Come

02:53 Download
EK Bruhn
August 1986
Barry Mathena and EK Bruhn


Barry Matthena from Benld, Illinois submitted the lyrics and EK arranged and put melody to song. Was recorded on Christmas Collection 1986 cassette album. Was played on local radio show for short time. Great song for anyone celebrating a baby's first Christmas.


Santa's Sure to Come by Barry Matthena and EK Bruhn 1986

Verse 1: It's been so long since Santa Claus has stopped by this old house

I still see the chimney my childhood dreams slid down

I got to old to believe in those old Christmas fantasies

But tonight I know I'm gonna see Santa Claus again.

Chorus:  This year by the Christmas tree there's a pair of twinkling eyes

Telling be that Santa Claus will always be alive

This year by the fireplace another stockings hung

For the new born baby in our house

Santa's sure to come.

Verse 2: It's funny how a baby's smile can open up your eyes

To the simple joys and happiness that come with Christmas time

They make it plain to understand that Santa lives in everyman

So I'll do every thing I can to make those reindeer fly.  Chorus

End tag: There's a new born baby in our house and Santa's sure to come.