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Night Tracks 1986 pop-live

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EK Bruhn
Gary Filley,Sharon Dodson, EK Bruhn


Gary Filley called EK and Sharon wanting to develop a songwriter team and put out some songs to promote. The group wrote about an albums worth of songs. Gary had some contacts and interest in some of the songs in Nashville. EK has recorded and sung some of the songs. Need to get back together-came up with some nice ideas.


Night Tracks

By Gary Filley, Sharon Dodson, and EK Bruhn


1.      Dark clouds and sidewalks wet…alone with thoughts don’t give up yet

             This feeling keeps going on and on…these night tracks won’t stop until dawn

 2.      Night tracks I’m laying down…wandrin’ the streets of a sleepin’ town

                 I feel the train grumble through….night tracks..just me and you.

 Chorus:  When everything is closing in….just lay some night tracks

                                They don’t care where you’ve been

               And when the night turns into dawn…..I’ll still be walkin’

                                 But the night tracks are gone…

 3.       One old dog over in the park….just like me alone in the dark

               I see the light on the drugstore sign …I’m laying night tracks to clear my mind.

Lead --Bridge:

Sometimes this world just gets me down

That's when I clear my mind by laying some night tracks through this town.

 4.      Night tracks up and down the street…no place to go no one to meet

                They take me away and bring me back…they’re walkin’ with me….night tracks.

 Chorus…Repeat      night tracks are gone:}