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EK Bruhn
Mark Lowrey

Step Out

by Ek Bruhn

Released 2016
Time Minstrel Productions
Released 2016
Time Minstrel Productions
Contemporary and traditional gospel with smooth vocal and strong keyboards with a touch of guitar and percussion.
  • 03:26 Step Out
  • 05:05 Who Is This?
  • 04:57 Trust in the Lord
  • 04:26 Blessed Assurance
  • 03:37 Standing on the Promises
  • 02:29 Searching
  • 02:12 Bloom Where You Are Planted
  • 04:56 Lyrics Enter His Gates

    Chorus: Enter His gates with thanksgiving in your heart, enter His courts with praise...

                 Enter His gates with thanksgiving in your heart, enter His courts with praise.

    Verse 1: Shout...your praise....Glorify the Father

                 Shout ..your praise...glorify the Son

                  Shout.. your the Holy Spirit...

                  Praise Him in all ways...Praise Him in all ways.  Chorus

    Verse 2.  Clap.. your praise and adortion

                  Clap..your hands,,in humble offering

                  Clap..your hands in greatful thanksgiving

                   Praise Him in all ways, praise Him in all ways. Chorus

    Verse 3. Leap ..for joy..Jesus Christ restored us

                 Leap..for joy.. His grace and mercy saves

                 Leap.. for and life He gave us

                  Praise Him in all ways...praise Him in all ways. Chorus

    Optional Bridge:   Hosanna, Hallelujah give thanks for our salvation

                              Hosanna, Hallelujah we raise our voice in praise...we raise our voice in praise

                               Glory to His Kingdom today (repeat 3Xs).

  • 03:45 I Have Decided to Follow Jesus
  • 04:06 The Christian Promise
Step Out is latest album of gospel songs by EK Bruhn. Four new songs, two previously recorded but not released, and four traditional type songs. Listen several times. they will grow on you.
EK Bruhn
EK Bruhn


Song inspired by message from Dr. Susan Ventura. 2015. At 6:00 pm the Saturday before Palm Sunday 2015, EK sat at the piano and this song was given.


Probably the title should be Behold the King is Coming. But her sermon title was Who is this? from the scriptures in Matthew. I like it better as a title. I was torn on album title--At first I went with Who is this? but after asking some others and looking at the other songs on the album. Step out fit better.

EK Bruhn
EK Bruhn


Behind the music:

Dr. Susan Ventura, Pastor of the Francis Street First United Methodist Church (St. Joseph, Missouri) had a series of messages about faith and courage. I (EK) play the piano and lead the singing for the first service (contemporary). I try to bring new songs to service that fit with her message. I could not find the right song. While sitting at the piano at 3:00 May 2, 2015, these words and music came to me. The first week I used courage in all the verses and for the next week I used faith instead. The finished song includes courage and faith. This song became the title of my new album finished in March 2016 and is scheduled for release on April 4, 2016.

I thank the congregation of the church for "stepping out" and allowing me to brings to their service. Their encouragement has helped promote me to "step out" and make some life changes.

Everyone needs to face their fear and step out in faith and courage when called to carry His Kingdom to others.


Step Out   EK Bruhn 2015

Verse 1:  Let me have courage, like David standing before the giant.

              Let me have courage, like Samson facing all the lions Oh oh...

Chorus:  Step out, step out and see--the paths You made for us

              Step out, step out and hear--the words to share with the world

              Step out, step out and be--the Light for all to see..step out....step out.

Verse 2:  Let me have faith, like Peter stepping out on the water

               Let me have faith to live in love for all to see, live in love....Chorus

Bridge: Let Your Light shine, shine through us. Let us live Your love for all to see.......

           Have the courage to be--His Word

           Have the courage to be -- His light

           Have the courage to be -- His Kingdom

            Have the faith to be-- His Word

            Have the faith to be  --His Light

            Have the faith to be His Kingdom.......OH OH Step out...come on step out...step out.....

EK Bruhn
Gary Filley, Sharon Dodson, EK Bruhn


One of my favorite songs to play. Love the riffs and feel of it. Nice Visual ideas. Hope you like it. Appreciate any feedback and comments. ekb

EK Bruhn
James Taylor
EK Bruhn
Gary Filley,Sharon Dodson, EK Bruhn


Gary Filley called EK and Sharon wanting to develop a songwriter team and put out some songs to promote. The group wrote about an albums worth of songs. Gary had some contacts and interest in some of the songs in Nashville. EK has recorded and sung some of the songs. Need to get back together-came up with some nice ideas.


Night Tracks

By Gary Filley, Sharon Dodson, and EK Bruhn


1.      Dark clouds and sidewalks wet…alone with thoughts don’t give up yet

             This feeling keeps going on and on…these night tracks won’t stop until dawn

 2.      Night tracks I’m laying down…wandrin’ the streets of a sleepin’ town

                 I feel the train grumble through….night tracks..just me and you.

 Chorus:  When everything is closing in….just lay some night tracks

                                They don’t care where you’ve been

               And when the night turns into dawn…..I’ll still be walkin’

                                 But the night tracks are gone…

 3.       One old dog over in the park….just like me alone in the dark

               I see the light on the drugstore sign …I’m laying night tracks to clear my mind.

Lead --Bridge:

Sometimes this world just gets me down

That's when I clear my mind by laying some night tracks through this town.

 4.      Night tracks up and down the street…no place to go no one to meet

                They take me away and bring me back…they’re walkin’ with me….night tracks.

 Chorus…Repeat      night tracks are gone:}

EK Bruhn
Eldon Howery and EK BRuhn


In 1976 I had a lady that kept coming to hear me sing named Gwenda (she would later become my wife). She had a friend from church named Eldon Howery who had some poems that he wanted to make into songs. Wow he had a lot of them. Over the next few years I would record demos of about 50 of them. This was one I recorded along with "Granny Go Go". Several Disco places in Kansas City had people doing dance steps to the songs and were using them to play. Timing is everything.

Disco had a short life. I later sang this song at my daughters wedding and have performed it over the years. I though it was one of my better arrangements and love the "arp axxe" lead part over the song. Maybe some other people will use it for wedding. I can do a different version too. Thanks Eldon and Gwenda.



EK Bruhn
Morris Passmore, E K Bruhn


Another great lyric by Morris and then EK recorded all keyboard parts and vocals. 

EK Bruhn
Don Barron


Same story as Ramada Rose. But Ramada Rose was the "release" and people started requesting the flip side just as much. Kind of a fun song---Jimmy Buffet....without the partying and drinking. Does mention drinking wine but as a counselor I ask that you drink in moderation and do not drive. If you have troubles with that advise--come see me in my other role.

Enjoy the song.. I did.

EK Bruhn
Matthew West


Live performance at East Hills Mall December 16

EK Bruhn
K Mattea


Live performance at the East Hills Mall in St. Joseph Missouri December 16, 2014

EK Bruhn
peter Paul and Mary?


One of first songs I wanted to sing back in 1967 when I first started guitar. Took almost 20 years before I did it. Loved the harmonies and songs of Peter, Paul, and Mary. Fun song to play in parts and do the vocals.

EK Bruhn
August 1986
Barry Mathena and EK Bruhn


Barry Matthena from Benld, Illinois submitted the lyrics and EK arranged and put melody to song. Was recorded on Christmas Collection 1986 cassette album. Was played on local radio show for short time. Great song for anyone celebrating a baby's first Christmas.


Santa's Sure to Come by Barry Matthena and EK Bruhn 1986

Verse 1: It's been so long since Santa Claus has stopped by this old house

I still see the chimney my childhood dreams slid down

I got to old to believe in those old Christmas fantasies

But tonight I know I'm gonna see Santa Claus again.

Chorus:  This year by the Christmas tree there's a pair of twinkling eyes

Telling be that Santa Claus will always be alive

This year by the fireplace another stockings hung

For the new born baby in our house

Santa's sure to come.

Verse 2: It's funny how a baby's smile can open up your eyes

To the simple joys and happiness that come with Christmas time

They make it plain to understand that Santa lives in everyman

So I'll do every thing I can to make those reindeer fly.  Chorus

End tag: There's a new born baby in our house and Santa's sure to come.  

E K Bruhn
Morris Passmore, E K Bruhn


A simple poem type writing from Morris. EK loved the thought and visual of all people blooming in their present circumstances. Not sure where it was recorded but all keyboards and vocal was performed by EK.


Flowers in the wilderness God would have us be. So bloom where you are planted for all the world to see.

A plant of living water is help for a land that's dry so bloom where you are planted and never question why.

Each moment is for living be the most that you can be And bloom where your planted for all the world to see.

A plant of living water is help for a land that's dry, so bloom where you are planted and never question why.

EK Bruhn
Morris Passmore and E K Bruhn


Morris Passmore had several poems that EK looked at and this one just hit him of how we are blind and don't see all of the joy and beauty around us until our eyes are opened by our faith in God and His Son. The title is not mentioned in the song but that is the description. One of my favorite songs but never performed in public but once.

The Open Door


The Open Door was formed in 1971 at Phillips University in Enid Oklahoma. The group sang at the Maranatha coffee house on Friday nights and then began to sing for churches and schools. The group changed over time. The lead singers here are Steve Baldwin, Kristin Karrenbrock, EK Bruhn, and Kent Dorsey. Many tapes were destroyed in a fire in 1975 but this was off a reel to reel practice tape.

( Kopperfield) EK Bruhn
Everett Hale and Mike Morgan


EK tried to end career as Kopperfield in 1979 after breaking up his last show group and then going on solo career as a one man band. He go married to Gwenda Bruhn and had four children to care for so thought he would stop music and get a "day" job. Could not get one-- was over qualified or no experience. Went back on the road and opened for Suzie Nelson and River Rock in Kansas City for a benefit performance for MS. Talked to a reocrd producer at Comstock Records in Shawnee, Kansas and decided to borrow enough money to promote a single nationwide. He and Gwenda went to Nashville in 1982 and Kopperfield recorded Ramada Rose and Island Dream  Both sides received airplay and it reached the charts in some indi circles. Was looking good until Kenny Rogers put out two songs, Ronnie Milsap had a song out, and Gatlin Brothers had a rising hit. Then a major music person was shot and all promotion ended as radio stations were only playing his records for the next several weeks. Bad break the company said but lets put out an album CAn you raise $&&*())))))-----right. no thanks. So ended the Nashville singing career.


EK Bruhn
Bruce Bishline


I attended Phillips University 1970-1973 in Enid, Oklahoma. I met a student from Enid named Bruce Bishline. Had a funny mustache and played guitar and sang well. Nice mellow voice. He played a song of his called "Taking Time". I loved it. The message spoke to me and I really liked the chording and melody. I asked if I could record it on my album and he said yes. It would only take 43 years for me to make any money and pay him royalties. But now I use the song when I speak about relationship building. I have written some further words and bridge part that I will record later in 2013. Thanks for the great song and showing me chords. Bruce was also the first person to sing a James Taylor song called "Fire and Rain" that would also become a signature song for me on the album and doing shows. ekb


Taking Time by Bruce Bishline 1970 Recorded by E K Bruhn on Which Way to Nowhere Album 1971 Sound Factory label.

1. You and me..Sitting here alone..

            Without a sound     And we're ..

Chorus: Taking Time to discover each other

                   That is all the time that we have

2. People go...anywhere they can.

            doing what they please but no...t- Chorus

Bridge: Maybe they will know why we are so

              Taking Time maybe they will---Chorus

3. Maybe someday..people will know

        Of others around... and begi---n   Chorus



EK Bruhn
EK Bruhn


Was writing it for a song contest. Had a version on piano and then wanted to make sure it sounded good on guitar too for worship bands to play.  Took a different turn and this was the result. Will tighten arrangement and cut back on number of choruses but like the sound and feel What do you think?

Sorry for the t-shirt recording but was the way it was written. Will do a nice pretty version with recording in next couple of days.

Please go to you tube and watch and leave a comment. Thanks.



Chorus:  Trust in the Lord With all ytour heart and all your mind and soul

Repeat line.

Verse 1. Be not misled by your own understanding but seek his wisdom mercy and power.

             Follow the path he prepared.

Verse two uses the words of the chorus.

Bridge As a Father guides His children.

will stop and find right words now.

EK Bruhn and Kristin Karenbrock
EK Bruhn and Morris Passmore


This song was originally called the "Christian Curse" after further thinking we decided that might not be the best portrayal of what God has called us to do. Morris Passmore wrote lyrics/poems and EK took a number of them and put them to music. The Open Door group closed many of their performances with this song. This was first released on the Open Door Album "Which Way to Nowhere".


May the peace of God disturb you and never set you free.

     May the love within you never rest, until you've helped a thousand souls to see.


Chorus: I see the light and freedom, that God has given to you

And may your soul never be at peace, while there is any love left to share.

The Open Door (EK, Steve, Kris, Kent,
unknown lyricist


The Open Door was formed in 1971 to perform at the Maranatha Coffeehouse on the Phillips University Campus in Enid, Oklahoma. Steve B. , EK's roommate had heard this song and shared it with the group. It became one of the most popular and liked songs for the next several years as the group traveled to five states doing shows in churches and schools. Song was Sung by EK and Kristin on the Which Way to Nowhere Album. (1971-1973)


Vs. 1.  I knew a man Lord Jesus and He died for me

Upon a tree. With shaggy hair, a ragged robe, thorny crown, nails in his feet.

He talked of life, He talked of Love and then He set me free.

Vs.2  I met Him in a cell way down in Nazareth

I was down and out. He looked to me to be the Son of God and He spoke right out.

Talked of life , He talked of Love, Said He's coming back again..

Chorus:  Sweet Lord Jesus, Sweet Lord Jesus, Sweet Lord Jesus set me free.

Vs. 3 Said He wanted me to walk with HIm

Down the road of life, Said he had prepared a place for me Where everything was right.

I opened the door, He took my hand and then he set me free.


EK Bruhn (Kopperfield)
Edna Graham


Due to Circumstances beyond my control I love you....great song by Edna Graham. Recorded and arranged by EK. Nice pop country feel.

EK Bruhn (Kopperfield)
Edna Graham


Another song by Edna Graham. pop country and interesting arrangement and instrumentation. Fun song to do.

E K Bruhn (Kopperfield)
Edna Graham


Another song from Edna. EK performs with some of the members from his group and plays guitar and keyboards on this song.

E K Bruhn
Mel Torme
E K Bruhn


Love this song almost all versions. Just a nice feeling.

The Open Door
unknown-jewish folk song


EK Bruhn spent a lot of time at The Way In coffeehouse in Houston Texas at Allen's Landing. The Church of the Redeemer sang and staffed the house. This song was performed on the Fisherfolk album. Later EK taught it to the Open Door Group at the Maranatha Coffeehouse at Phillips University. The group performed it and some even learned the Jewish folk style dance that went with the song. Was a lot of fun. Performance tapes were lost in a fire in 1975 but this was taken off of one of the practice tapes. Not bad for practice.



The King of Glory

The King of Glory comes! The nation rejoices! Open the gates before Him! Lift up your voices!

Who is the King of Glory? How shall we call Him? He is Emmanuel. The promised of ages.


In all of Galilee in city or village
He goes among the people curing their illness.


(Sing then of David’s Son, our Savior and Brother. In all of Galilee was never another.)

WE sang through all of Gallilee in city and village, He rose amoung the people curing their illness.


He gave His life for us, the pledge of salvation. He took upon Himself the sins of the nation.


He conquered sin and death. He truly has risen. And he will share with us His heavenly vision.


sung by the Open Door
Crosby, Still, and Nash


The Open Door used several current popular songs for their shows if they had a message that could be related to faith. Teach your Children was sung by Steve, Kristin, and EK. Later on the Open Door Album it is performed by EK and Kristin.


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