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Almost moved and back in aciton. Getting ready to present "Taking Time" and "Running Scared" at the Charleston Civic Center in West Virginia for the Dream Big-Inspire Others Leadership Conference. Looking forward to making some new friends and seeing new faces. Will complete my two album projects when I get back and hopefully have them for sale in August. Thanks for checking back in and listening to the songs. Keep on singing. 7-31-2013ek

Thanks for checking in. Will be out of the loop a few days as change in address and moving internet. Will be completing several songs and videos next week. please check back. Have a wonderful day. ek 7-13-2013


Had a great crowd and reception at the One Conference. Thank you for coming and sharing the time. More songs, articles, and pics coming in the next few days. Please give me input on your comments from the presentation at the conference. Thank you.



Finally learning how to add the videos and audio to site. Starting with some old recordings and the one brand new one. Have 8 albums from the past and a lot of other materials coming up. Thanks for visiting site. Let me know who you are. Let's make it a Maad Moment....6-16-2013


Next appearance at the "One Conference" Uniting Families of Missouri at Lodge of the 4 Seasons June 26-29. Ek will be presenting Parenting with Love and Logic-The two rules and five steps to a less stressful happier family. Also booking or available for "house concerts" or church concerts in the area. during that time.

August 2-11 will be heading for West Virginia for the Charleston Civic Center to present two topics August 7 and 8) at the 18th Annual "Faces of Leadership Conference on Service and Volunteerism--Dream Big-Inspire Others".

Also available between Kansas City and Charleston for "House concerts" and Church concerts before or after conference dates.

Scheduled for speaking on Supervision and teaching using Love and Logic Skills at the MCA/MPPOA Conference at Lake of the Ozarks October 2-4, 2013.

Now booking speaking presentations, Training, and Concerts  for 2014.



Action, Music, participation. Thank you. Wow had a great time at the Missouri Mental Health Spring Institute conference and saw a lot of friends from the past. Thank everyone for coming to my session and having a little fun while you thought about the changes you need to make. Will be adding information and video on Running Scared in next few days. Please come back and give some input. Appreciate any comments or suggestions about the presentation. Thank you for the support. More later. 6-2-2013


Getting ready for presentation at the Spring Institute Conference-for Mental Health and Substance Abuse. Stop by and visit. Finally will load Which Way to Nowhere Album and some other songs this weekend. Booking "House concerts" and speaking engagements for the end of June in Mid Missouri and in Illinois, Indiana, and West Virginia in the first two weeks of August, 2013.

Have a wonderful day. ek May 23, 2013



Thank you MyAa Youth Speak Hard Convention. What a great bunch of young people. Had a wonderful time at the conference. I hope they enjoyed the songs and presentation. Life is an Adventure! Be Healthy. Live well.

 Be sure and go to calendar for new shows or speaking engagments. Will be at the One Conference talking on one of my favorite topics of Parenting with Love and Logic. The Missouri Spring Institute for Mental Health and Substance Abuse coming in May. Come and catch my presentation on "Running Scared"-Practice what you preach for prefessionals, counselors. parents, and teachers.

Video and music full production services. Cds and DVDs will be offered in the store soon. Check out calendar for upcoming appearances. Free download of some songs.  New songs will be available soon on ITunes CD baby and other web stores.

EK is available for 2-6 hour presentations of Love and Logic for parents and teachers. Also presents full six week course for interested parents.

Available for churches or small venues for concerts and presentations. The Full Circle Tour. 

EK started in church doing Gospel songs and 40 years later will end there. What a great journey. ekb see picture page for a variety of scenes.

 A chronology of songs and information is on the article site.

 Please call or e-mail for available dates on the side widgit.