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notes to Russian friends


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April 2017


News from Time Minstrel Productions for April 2017.


June2016 news


June 2016 news


Thank you 48 countries that view my site.


>thank you 48 countries that visit my site. Russia and Ukraine have had several months of high viewing. Thank you.


Good bye friend. Lee Earl Williams


My condolences to Debra Contreras Williams and family. Her husband of 43 years and my best friend from junior high died yesterday. He was my inspiration to learn guitar. October 15, 2015.  



Challenge of leading a choir


The "Joyful Noise" Choir at the Francis Street United Methodist Church sang wonderfully this morning. Matt Maher's song, "Because He Lives" was simple but easy to add some dynamics. I love working with this group. We have a lot of fun and I am learning a lot from them about timing and music. I am blessed. ekb


free easter song downloads


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Which way to nowhere found again


Thank you to another person who created a MAAD Moment. Thanks Nona.


Buy Scentsy or have a party

Buy some stuff or have a party.


Facts and figures on drug rehab vs. prison


drug rehab in America 2012 facts


slide show attempt


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news from front page transferred


thank you for attending my sessions. ekb


June news


June news and thanks to supporters..ekb


what a nice surprise blast from the past.


Just a a nice visit with Bruce Bishline, the writer of "Taking Time" on my first album "Which Way to Nowhere". Told him about the album showing up in California, Texas, and Kansas City at Thrift stores and flea markets. Who would guess after all these years. Have had several calls from people expressing interest in the songs. Using Taking Time as a theme for speaking about wellness and relationship building. Using a song co-written with Joyce Hines, "Running Scared" as a theme for wellness and healthy living. Trying to get a hold of Morris Passmore again and Eldon Howery. Two other great co-writers. I have not forgot about Jamie Haefs and his songs. Gary Filley and Sharon Dodson (remarried name?) are also some great co-writers. Will be releasing songs from of of them soon. 



New site-still figuring out about some of this stuff