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E K Bruhn - Video/Music producer; artist; writer; motivational speaker



        Background information


Birth name        Earl Keith Bruhn known as (EK)after 1969

 Born                 April 26, 1952      Amarillo, Texas. USA

 Genres             Folk, Pop, Country, Traditional and contemporary  Gospel

 Instruments       Vocals, Keyboards, string instruments, Percussion

 Years active     1968-present

 Labels              Sound Factory, Comstock, Chappie,

                        Crusader Records and Tapes, Time Minstrel Music

 Website    (       


 E K Bruhn (Biographic Brief)

E K Bruhn (born April 26, 1952) is an American singer-songwriter. Raised in Staunton, Illinois; Bruhn moved to HoustonTexas when he was nine for the family to have more job opportunities. He took piano lessons for one year when he was twelve years old. When he started playing notes for a song that was not in the music, his teacher said that was the end of lesson. He started playing guitar at fifteen. While at a Christian Youth conference at TexasChristianUniversity in 1967, he participated in writing and performing a song “Can you Live in the Sky”. In 1973 he released his first Album, “Which Way to Nowhere” with help from the Open Door and musicians from PhillipsUniversity, Enid, Oklahoma. Two of the songs were his originals and several others were co-written with Morris Passmore. From 1971 to 1974, Bruhn sang and performed at the local coffeehouse on the university grounds with The Open Door.

 In 1973, Bruhn met another singer songwriter, Kenny Ray, in Hennesey Oklahoma. Their first concert in Pampa, Texas bombed. They would later perform as Kenny and Kopperfield in various groups for the next few years.

In 1975, he started playing professionally with different groups and as a solo act in clubs, churches, schools, and motel circuit.  

He met a vocal coach in Kansas City 1977 and took vocal lessons for a year. During this period, he met Eldon Howery and other lyric writers. He co-wrote 60+ songs and recorded many on demos to send out. In 1979, Bruhn released “Granny Go-Go” and flip side “Yes I Do” on Chappie Records. The record received play in several local clubs where dance steps were put to the song. “Yes I Do” was played at several weddings. “Searching” and “Bloom where you are planted” were recorded but never released. In 1982 “Ramada Rose” and Island Dream” was released on Comstock Record label for nationwide promotion. The record was well received (for a new unknown artist). Sixteen states played both sides of the record and it did well on several independent charts. Bruhn, now performing under the name Kopperfield, started doing shows singing, wearing different hats, acting out characters, and playing three keyboards, bass pedals with his foot, drum machine with his other foot, and guitar. His “One Man Show” was booked solid for several years throughout the Midwest. He recorded a number of songs for writer, Edna Graham. Her songs “Hidden Beauty”, “Tree of Life”, “Due to Circumstances beyond my control”, and “Christmas is on the way” were released as singles and included on some compilation albums.

During the mid 1980s, Bruhn recorded 200+ demo versions of songs for other writers to promote.

Bruhn thought that “Hillbilly Rock”, by Paul K., had potential but needed a rewrite of lyrics. Wrong ! The song was released by Marty Stewart on an Album with the title song in 1990 and went to number 8 on the Billboard Charts.

Bruhn also produced albums for Mary Dale, Elaine Sanders, "Timothy", and Billy Stroud.

As a lead guitarist for Chapter 4, the group opened concerts for Hank Williams Jr., Moe Bandy, and Tammy Wynnette.  Due to DWI laws, the death of his alcoholic father, and the hardship of travel away from his family, Bruhn stopped touring in 1988. He would continue writing, and co-writing songs and performing for schools and churches. In the early 1990s, he fronted a local Opry show for a year. He dropped out of the music scene for a number of years until he started leading worship at a number of churches playing contemporary gospel music. Today he stays busy recording and writing new gospel and pop songs, and speaking for various conferences around the USA.

 Partial List of Songs performed, recorded, or released and performance group chronology:

1967 “Can you live in the sky?” co-written with TCU Christian Youth Group

1970 “Which way to Nowhere?

1971 Started the Open Door Group at the Maranatha Coffeehouse

1972 “Realization”, “Searching”, and “Bloom where you are planted” Morris Passmore/EK Bruhn

1973 “Which Way to Nowhere” album released by “The Open Door” group. Included new song

            “Live Forever” by EK, Taking Time by Bruce Bishline, and Fire and Rain-James Taylor

Toured five states during the summer with Kris, Lynnel, Frank, Morris, and EK. Appeared      weekly on cable television in Enid Oklahoma on the “Talking with Travis show”. Special guests on Danny’s Day Channel 5 morning show in Oklahoma City.

1974  Wrote “Nothing to call my own” and performed in Colby Kansas as Kenny and Kopperfield   

1975  Wrote “Unborn Child”, “A place called Home”, “Strange Ways”, “Walk on”, ”Everybody does it”         

           Hired Larry, Les, and Bill to be first touring group called “Kopperfield Revue”

1976  Between groups performed as one-man band. Recorded some demos for songwriters. Met Eldon Howery a lyric writer with a huge stack of materials.  “

1977-1979  Toured as a six-piece show-group for motel show room venues. Also had a trio for part of the time. Recorded “Granny Go-Go” and “Yes I Do"

1980-Stopped touring and playing to teach piano, voice, and guitar lessons in music store Shawnee, Kansas.

1981 Back on the Road as One Man Show. Opened for Suzy Nelson (Willie Nelson’s daughter), River Rock, and the O’Rourke Brothers. For several years performed for MS benefits.

1982  Release of Nashville Recording “Ramada Rose” and “Island Dream”. Nationwide promotion.

1983-1985 Booked steady in clubs and show rooms. Performed originals and pop/country cover songs. Played six instruments and changed costumes and hats.

1984 Wrote “Christians got no reason to sing the blues” and recorded two albums. Produced albums for Mary Dale (gospel), Timothy (rock gospel), and Elaine Sanders (country).

1985-played lead guitar for Chapter Four and other groups opening for Moe Bandy, Tammy Wynnette and others. Recorded several hundred song demos for songwriters. Taught music in Cameron studio.

EK won songwriter of the year award from the songwriter’s market magazine in 1985, published by   EJ Henke in Texas. Thank you EJ for your many years of service to songwriters.

1986-1988 Continued touring promoting songs. Started performing at churches again and taking jobs as temporary minister, youth director, and music leader. Booked steady but having problems with being on the road away from family and playing in the smoke and alcohol atmosphere. Quit touring in the fall of 1988.

1989 started working for the Missouri Department of Corrections and went back to college.

1992-1993 MC, singer, and lead guitarist for a small local Opry show on Saturday nights.

1990s-2012 occasional specials in church or for different groups. Became active in production of Training videos and documentaries. 2006 performed in nursing home with Jeffrey Downing on Flute, EK singing and on piano. "I believe" song and video in audio section.

2010 Wrote “I am a child of the King” and “Enter His Gates”. Leading worship in a number of churches.

2013-Renewed effort to write, record, and promote materials. Website created and songs of forty years being re-mixed and put out on MP3s and CDs. Wrote “Trust in the Lord” and started putting videos on You Tube and God Tube.

 2014-Playing lead guitar and back-up piano for Contemporary Worship Service. Lead guitar and vocalist for "Musical Justice" performance. Several concerts and appearances.

2015? I hope new fans help me write this part........

ek bruhn - Producer

E K Bruhn was born in Amarillo Texas on the airforce base in 1952 to Richard and Doris Bruhn. They returned to Richard's hometown, Staunton, Illinois. E K was named Earl Keith. Earl after his grandfather and Keith after a Lietenant in the airforce. His family always called him Keith. In high school there were three Keiths in one class so he was called "Beck" for a short time and then Greg Watts used the name EK during the senior year. This would be the name used at college and for all future friends.

The family lived in Staunton until 1961 and then moved to Houston, Texas. E K sang in the choir in fourth grade and took piano at the age of 12. Unfortunately, he was not very consistent at practice on the lessons. Since he also played some things by ear, the teacher ended lessons after a year. At 15 he started playing guitar. His goal was to sing. Later he would take voice lessons and continue his music education on several instruments. In 1971 he arranged his first album with the Open Door Singers at Phillips University.

Phillips University had a coffeehouse that was closed. EK approached the people who used to run it and asked if he could open it on Friday nights and have Christian music. EK had a roommate Steve who had sung with young life and other friends. Steve had a lot of folk-Christian songs. Steve had several songs that people had taken and then put Christian lyrics to them.

Some Day Soon, Trust and Obey, and Sweet Lord Jesus.

The group performed every Friday night in the coffeehouse doing songs, and short drama skits. Different people would be allowed to come in and share their talents as long as it was Christian oriented. There were some conflicts during the first few Fridays as some of the "old coffeehouse" attendees wanted to come in and use the stage to perform songs for their own agenda and entertainment. A compromise was reached allowing "anyone to come on Saturday night" and share their music or poetry.

Due to the poor condition of the house, bare wiring showing and fuse box was a disaster, the coffee house was torn down during Christmas break in 1972.  In the summer of 1973 EK, Kris Karrenbrock, Morris Passmore, Lynnel Rowan, and Frank Everett went on a Midwest tour as their summer job. Kris and EK sang songs. The other three performed drama skits and did some Folk dancing during some of the songs. The group also performed a 45 minute Dramatic production called the "Zacchean Diary".

Traveling in a 1964 Ford with a little trailer was quite an experience. The group stopped at all of their family's houses on the way to replenish food and at times to do some odd jobs to earn some money. The free will offerings from the programs were just enough to pay gas and provide a little spending money. As a summer job it turned out to be a disaster for all. Most of the group had to get money for the next semester from parents. EK ended up dropping out his last year and was asked to leave "The John" (the house that he shared with John T, John J, and John C. --ek was the un-John). EK took a job doing delivery, working at the military base, helping at the furniture store, and assisted in hanging sheet rock.

1974-Accepted job as Dairy Department Head at Larry's IGA in Colby, Kansas. Was left as acting Assistant manager on occasion. Recognized and trained on store losses. (Internal controls were lax and not consistent.)

 Taught an adult learning guitar class for Colby Community College. 1975 Did first public club performance at the Ramada Inn in Colby as solo act. Formed a trio with Kenny Ray, and (12 year old drummer) Garth Munn. Played local clubs and in Hays and Salina Kansas. Did another concert in Colorado. Not quite the loss like the first one in Pampa, Texas.


Continue to come back for new information

EK is speaking at a number of state conferences in the new future and is releasing old and new musical material.

You will have opportunity to download some of those songs and learn about how they were inspired and written.

Taking Time, Running Scared, Parenting with Love and Logic, and Which Way to Nowhere will just be a few of those offerings.

Also in process of working on two books Dear Scott-A family Story and Tales from the road-

Have had some great contacts lately. Jim Haefs-co-writer from Minnesota. Looking at creating some new worship songs. Have 4-5 other great songs with him that will be available soon.

Thanks to Bruce Bishline in Oklahoma for his great song "Taking Time" Recorded the original version back in 1971. Doing a digital re-release soon and a new version that I am using when I talk at conferences about relationships and wellness.

Gary Filley and Sharon (Dodson) co-wrote Night Tracks, Chain Drinking, and several other songs.

Eldon Howery supplied tons of lyrics for tunes back in the 1970s.

Morris Passmore was one of the first lyricists to co-write with me and supplied the lyrics to Bloom where you are Planted, Searching, The Christian Curse (Ok we changed that to Promise-Christians should not be cursing), and Living Testimony. Morris wrote songs for a youth group recording out in Colorado. Hope to look at some new stuff with him.

Frank Everett was not a writer but a great friend and acted (and danced) with the Open Door Group on Tour. Still touch base with him on occasion.

Just heard from another musician, friend, writer. Kenneth Ray. We sang and performed together in Oklahoma, Kansas, and Kansas City over the years. Very talented musician and songwriter.

Some of the pictures from the Open Door show my college roomate Steve Baldwin and friend Kris Karrenbrock. Both of them were major people in first helping me sing and start to learn harmonies. Some of the first arrangements of songs were from Steve.

Other influences and help came from Nona Miller (pianist-that I met on a blind date), Linda Taylor, a friend of Lynnel Rowan (who ran the coffeehouse and made cookies, and performed drama).

Will add more people and information as I get a chance. Thanks to everyone for your friendship, guidance, help, and prayers through the years. Thanks ekb  

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