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Music is truly a universal language

2016 a new year.Please subscribe to my



New contest-Looking for the best lyrics for a new song-Country-pop-or gospel. You keep all rights to your lyrics. Selected finalist will receive a copy of song and winner will be recorded for release.

Sign up today and enter your lyrics.


Listen to different songs. I love a lot of different styles and sounds.



"Yes I Do" has been used at some weddings. You have my permission to use it. I welcome others to make videos of any of my songs and let me know so I can post them and give some comments.  


More stories and background on the songs on the audio page. Please sign in to guest book and I appreciate any feedback or suggestions. Have a great day--reach out and do one thing nice for a stranger.


the_heart_of_Christmas.wmv EK Live at concert East Hills Mall St. Joseph Missouri December 4, 2014 . Matthew West is an extraordinary songwriter and performer.

Happy.wmv  Pherrel Williams is a well respected producer but has some phenomenol songs that he has performed. Just won a grammy. live --Could you walk a mile?  Hello my name is by Matthew West

sang at Leah McBee's baptism February 8, 2015.

Could_you_walk_a_mile_live_ekb.wmv Bloom where you are Planted video song by

Morris Passmore and EK Bruhn 1972  Trust in the Lord by EK Bruhn 2014 CUMC Service 9-28-2014 with song by Jack Wicker  "Could you walk a mile?" Video of Rock and Roll Grandma (Gwenda, my wife trying to ride motorcycle with our son.) edited highlights of the Cameron Missouri Homecoming Parade October 3, 2014 See it all in 10 minutes.

NOW BOOKING-Home concerts, school programs, and church concerts. No venue to small.  

Contact or sign up on this website phone 816-294-7865

Please sign in. Special offers in the future. Thank you. ekb

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