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 new video Running Scared 

The Czec Republic visited my site more than any other foreign country....Thank you. I am honored.

EK as Kopperfield performing a tribute to Kenny Rogers..available for bookings now. Also has a Christmas show of various Christmas songs--perfect for churches, schools, home concerts, other small venues...Book now. 816-294-7865 Text or e-mail

Děkuji za to, že přichází na mých stránkách více než kterékoli jiné cizí země. Oceňuji návštěvy a doufám, že jste navštívili moji You Tube stránky a facebook. Udržujte zpěv. link to new song "I See the Light" on my Night Tracks CD

 Live performance of "I believe in music" Kenny Rogers Tribute show. Kopperfield

"Step Out" now available for download and for sale at CD Baby and other sites   here is link to purchase and listen to songs. Thank you. promo site for CD

running_scared_rm2.MP3 a remix version of Running Scared. enjoy Please make a comment on song.

I don't need a new heartache Live guitar and vocal by Kopperfield (EK Bruhn).

life begins at 40 (the hot dog frog song). Live

new you tube video of old song "Nothing to call my Own". Live with guitar.

WelcomeMusic is the universal language!  .

EK music for living.  


Please subscribe to my You Tube Channel.

 Visit Reverb Nation for great music by different artists. "Yes I Do" has been used at some weddings. You have my permission to use it. I welcome others to make videos of any of my songs and let me know so I can post them and give some comments.  


NOW BOOKING-Home concerts, school programs, and church concerts. No venue to small.  

Contact or sign up on this website phone 816-294-7865

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